Raul Briones Cup


30 clubs from the SoCal Premier League participated in the Group Stage. Each group consists of two flights. Clubs in Flight 'A' will compete against clubs in Flight 'B'. The Raul Briones Cup Group Stage kicked off Nov. 20, 2021 and finished Dec. 12.


The top 14 clubs, based on point totals, were seeded and advanced to the Round of 16. Capo FC and Inland Empire FC entered the tournament in this round.



Points System

  • Win = 6 points
  • Tie = 3 points
  • Goals for = 1 point each up to a max of 3 points
  • Shutout = 1 point
  • Total possible per game = 10 points
  • Losing team also gets points for goals scored

Player Eligibility

  • Players can be added to rosters as new/transfer up through quarterfinals
  • Only currently rostered players are allowed to play in RBC and BFFC games
  • No Borrowed Players
  • No Free Agents
  • Once a player plays in the Cup for one team they CANNOT play in the Cup for another team
  • Cup rosters will be frozen after the quarterfinals

Home/Away Hosting for Knockout Stages

  • Highest seeded team has the option to host knockout stage matches
  • If higher seeded team does not want to host, the lower seed team may host
  • If neither team has a home field, a field will be assigned by the league and both teams will split costs of the field

For further Cup rules see the 2021-'22 SWPL Rules Handbook in the Document Library.



The Friendship Cup allows for ALL clubs to advance to the knockout rounds. Its champion is awarded the Friendship Cup trophy every year at the SoCal Premier League AGM.