Cup Rules


Points System

  • Win = 6 points
  • Tie = 3 points
  • Goals for = 1 point each up to a max of 3 points
  • Shutout = 1 point
  • Total possible per game = 10 points
  • Losing team also gets points for goals scored

Player Eligibility

  • Players can be added to rosters as new up through quarterfinals
  • Only currently rostered players are allowed to play in CUP games
  • No Borrowed Players
  • No Free Agents
  • Once a player plays in the Cup for one team they CANNOT play in the Cup for another team
  • Cup rosters will be frozen after the quarterfinals

Home/Away Hosting for Knockout Stages

  • Highest seeded team has the option to host knockout stage matches
  • If higher seeded team does not want to host, the lower seed team may host
  • If neither team has a home field, a field will be assigned by the league and both teams will split costs of the field

For further Cup rules see the SWPL Operations Handboook in the Document Library.



SoCal Masters Cup Tournament Rules

FIFA rules will apply, including substitution on possession only. Opposition may sub if other team subs.

Points System

  • Win = 6 points
  • Tie = 3 points
  • Goals for = 1 point each up to a max of 3 points
  • Shutout = 1 point
  • Total possible per game = 10 points
  • Losing team also gets points for goals scored.

Additional Rules

  • Games will be full 45-minute halves, 10 minute halftime period.
  • Any team not prepared to start must have at least 7 players to start the game or they will forfeit and pay both teams' game & ref fees.  All forfeits will be 2-0 (9 points).
  • There will be a 5 minute grace period to allow 7 players to arrive at field. Beyond 5 minute grace period game clock will start and opponent will be responsible for a $20 portion of the opponents ref payment. At 15 minutes from original kickoff time game will be declared a forfeit if opponent is not taking the field.
  • All rounds of games, with the exception of Finals, will go directly to PK's if tied after 2 legs. Final games that end in ties will go to (2) 10 min OT periods, then PK’s (Overtime may be skipped if both Teams agree)
  • No Away Goal FIFA ruling and no Golden Goal in OT.

Each team at games will pay a game fee to the referees:  $90/team SCP/WCASL fields ----- $73/team LNFA fields

Pre-Game Procedures

  • Pre-printed Official League Team Rosters must be submitted to League Representatives prior to start of tournament for approval.  Once on a team, a player may not switch teams.
  • For all teams, Official Game Rosters must be completely filled out, including birthdates
  • All tournament players must appear on the team roster - NO WRITE IN PLAYERS FOR CUP (exception for (2) under 30 players)
  • ID cards or DL required for all players at game check-in (WCASL/SCP).  No card, no play.
  • LNFA teams will check-in with digital rosters which include photo identification. Manager/Coach will present digital roster to referees for games on WCASL/SCP fields. 

Post-Game Procedures

  • WCASL/LNFA - report scores in the same method as you use for regular league games - referee will submit game sheets
  • SCP - Enter game scores on league website - take photo of completed game sheet and send to President/VP

Cup Tournament Specifics

  • 2 players age 18-29 are allowed to play and must be listed on roster (WCASL/SCP - can be written in each week) and present an ID/Drivers License for check-in. Must be registered with respective leagues. Players can change week to week, but only 2 allowed per game.
  • Females and/or Goalies are exempt from age limitations for Cup.
  • No fighting, violent incidents or foul language directed at another person is allowed. Any player who instigates such or is disruptive will be penalized severely, possibly banned from the tournament. We need to have a “family-friendly” environment.

Discipline Committee will be comprised of a representative from all 3 leagues and all decisions will be mutually agreed upon.


  • Champions Cup winner: large trophy cup; Runner-up: medium trophy cup
  • Barry Turner Cup winner: medium trophy cup; Runner-up: small trophy cup
  • Award for Top Goal scorer and best GK
  • Fair Play award will be given to team with fewest Yellow/Red cards


Dave Rice                             Nick Peters                            Frederick de Tapia

Commissioner                      Vice President                      Commissioner

WCASL                                  SCP                                        LNFA

714-325-5700                       562-537-1472                       949l-290-6582